Rafsuðutæki KITin 320 Pinnavél 3 fasa


Þriggja fasa, stafræn pinnasuðuvél (MMA).

Small, light and powerful digital threephase inverters.
Digital controls ensure not only optimal settings of the welding characteristics, but their dynamic adaptation during the welding process as well. In this way there is achieved a substantially higher quality of weld joint and simplification of welding process. A significant benefit is achieved in new functions, which help to keep the welding arc in an optimal working characteristics. Due to this arc control technology excellent results may be achieved even by less experienced welders.
Digital and progressive hardware design enabled reduction in weight, dimensions and consequently also in price of the this inverters. The construction of the performance part itself is excessive to ensure reliability, high performance and high duty cycle.

Excellent welding properties
High performance while maintaining compact dimension of the machine
High power surplus
Simple and intuitive machine control and parameters setting
Digital controls for welding quality enhancement and simplification; ensures continuous readjustment of welding characteristics to actual conditions during the welding process
Digital volt-ampere meter
Fan on demand – the fan runs only when necessary – saving the energy consumption
Remote control connector
Massive and compact design
Practical deposit box for welding cables and electrodes at the side cover
ARC FORCE function for arc stabilization with the option of setting the intensity
HOT START function for easier arc ignition
ANTI STICK allowing to easily detach the electrode when is stuck to the welded material
V.R.D. and START CONTROL protection for assuring work safety
DPC and SOFT POWER ON function for problem-free welding on a public electricity network
It is possible to use rutile, basic and aluminum