Rafsuðutæki FENIX 160, án kapla


Eins-fasa handhæg rafsuðuvél fyrir pinnasuðu og TIG suðu.

– Keyrir á nýrri tækni sem notar minna rafmagn

FENIX machines are designed with energy-saving inverter technology, high-level microprocessor by using planar transformer. Show excellent results either in normal operation or in use on generator and also on long extension cables. The ideal characteristic of arc ensures its excellent stability even if fluctuating voltage in public electrical network occurs or while using long extension cable (up to 200 m of length).

Machine controls are integrated into the button keypad, which increases the accuracy and reliability of the machine control.

Further advantages of FENIX machine are high performance and efficiency, easy to use and the possibility of remote control connection.


May be used with power generator with min. output of 3.5 kVA (with A.V.R. feature)
Optional use of up to 200 m (2.5 mm² cross-section) extension cable
Enables welding when network voltage drops by as much as 40 % (from 140 V) using electrodes Ø 1.6; 2.0; 2.5 mm
Connection of a remote control to regulate welding current
Thermal protection with light indicator
Under-voltage / over-voltage indicators
Strap for easy carrying
Method MMA

HOT START enables easier ignition of stick electrodes
ANTI STICK allowing to easily detach the electrode when is stuck to the welded material
ARC FORCE ensures arc stability
V.R.D. feature = MMA safety system; 15 V at output terminals in resting state
SOFT START MMA prevents outage of circuit breakers
Method TIG

Manual arc ignition – LIFT ARC
DOWN SLOPE (deceleration time on end current)

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