Rafsuðutæki FENIX 200 PFC VR, án kapla


Handhæg, sambyggð rafsuðuvél fyrir pinnasuðu og TIG suðu, með innbyggðum PFC (Power Factor Correction).
– Keyrir á nýrri tækni sem notar minna rafmagn

FENIX is equiped by high-tech using energy-saving inverter microprocessor technology PFC with the using of a planar transformer, which modulates the input stream so that it has an almost ideal sinusoidal waveform, which provides up to 92% efficiency of the machine. PFC technology ensures stable welding process with fluctuating voltage of electrical network, even when using long extension cables or using electric generators, without any apparent difference in the arc. The machine is able to operate from 90 V in electrical network. FENIX 200 PFC is able to work of the same protection from the network and to get against conventional welding machines up to 40 % more power (eg. where the machine ejects the fuse at 150 A, FENIX 200 PFC welds without problems on current of 200 A).

The machine has a function to limit the output current by which one can work with the machine in low protection in the network. FENIX PFC is predestined for use on generator, long extension cable and using the weak breakers.
FENIX 200 PFC provides excellent arc stability, simple and easy to understand controls, remote control options, performance and equipment.

Machine controls are integrated into the button keypad, which increases the accuracy and reliability of the machine control. Welding machine FENIX 200 PFC is designed for the most demanding users.


May be used with power generator with min. output of 3.5 kVA (with A.V.R. feature)
Optional use of up to 200 m (2.5 mm² cross-section) extension cable
It is possible to weld while 60 % (from 92 V) voltage decline (even with continuos decline) in network – with electrode Ø 1,6; 2,0; 2,5; 3,2; 4,0 mm
Connection of a remote control to regulate welding current
Thermal protection with light indicator