Fótoselluhjálmur ALIEN TRUECOLOR XXL


Essential for safety, the ALIEN TRUE COLOR XXL optoelectronic hood protects the welder’s face and eyes from UV, infrared and splashes.
Fully automatic, the mask switches from clear to tinted in a fraction of a second as soon as priming Comes with a headband, it frees the welder’s hands and offers all the necessary comfort for welding work.
UV/IR protection degree: DIN 15
Tint: adjustable from 5 to 13
– True Color Classification technology: 1/1/1/2
Field of view: 100 x 90 mm
Response time: 0.15 ms
Settings: sensitivity, hue, delay
Power supply : Solar + 2 batteries CR 2032
Weight: 560 g
Standards: EN 175 / EN 379
MMA use: 5 to 400 A TIG : 2 to 250 A MIG/MAG : 5 to 400 A Grind mode
Consumables: External glass 114 x 133 mm (ref. 043893) Inner glass 104 x 96 mm (ref. 043596)

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