Vírmatari KIT 2-4S


Removable wire feeder with all-metal cover of the wire feeder and the wire coil. Integrated control panel for griping of all function of machine. However, the machine is of robust construction and therefore it is intended for heavy load operations.

Vertu í sambandi við sölumenn okkar til að fá verð og nánari upplýsingar um vöruna og afhendingartíma..

Input power 50/60 Hz: 24 V
Protection – slow: 10 A
Welding current range: 30 – 700 A
Wire feeder: 2 / 4 -roll
Wire feeder speed: 1 – 20 m/min
Material of wire: Steel, Stainless steel / Aluminium / Cored wire
Ingress Protection: IP 21
Dimensions: 433 × 515 × 640 mm
Weight: 20 kg